Selects between different audio and subtitle tracks for each file
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TEncoder is an open source multithreaded video encoder.
By using Mencoder and FFMpeg, this program can convert between the most popular video formats.

TEncoder can encode up to eight different video files simultaneously. You can choose the list of files that you want to encode, and then launch the process. This program can embed into the new video files those subtitles that have the same name as the original video. For each file, you will be able to choose the video options (as codec, bitrate, size, fps or aspect ratio) and audio options (as codec, bitrate, sample rate and channels). You can choose if you want to use Mencoder or FFMpeg, use custom arguments, do two passes or even export a script. The program allows to create or edit profiles that you can use later to perform conversions. The program comes with a lot of built-in selectable skins, and can be configured to check for updates online. It is also possible to define the parameters that you want to use when hard coding subtitles into your newly generated videos, such as the scale you want to use, and the position where you want the text to appear.

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